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 Head Office
 2-24-10 Shikanjima,
 Konohana Ward,
 Osaka, 554-0014


 Tokyo Branch
 6-17-7 Minamioi,
 Shinagawa Ward,
 Tokyo, 143-0013


Manufacturing passenger step vehicles, fully automatic swimming pool cleaners, and more (Click here for additional information.)

Distributing fans, air compressors, mixers, motors, boilers, and pumps

 3.Design and Repair
Designing, developing, and repairing machinery and appliances

 4.Additional Equipment
Water treatment, transport, environmental protection, and air conditioning equipment

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  Yotsuyanagi has forty years of history and experience in manufacturing swimming pool cleaners that successfully remove sand, hair, band-aids, and other foreign objects from swimming pool bottoms, without requiring emptying the pools of water. The cleaners can also clean large baths and garden ponds. Swimming pool cleaners include the fully automatic robot, small and handy floating cleaner, and engine-driven cleaner.

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The Techno Summit website Monozukuri no chojin tachi (Challenging manufacturers) featured us.    (Click here for more information.)
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Business & Technology Daily News) interviewed us for their Robonable website. The article was "Robot manufacturers in Osaka creating new industries."    (Click here for more information.)
Our HyperRobo MRX-06 and other robots were featured in a Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) TV show, Voice, broadcast from 18:15 to 18:55 on Wednesday, March 5, 2008. The section was titled "The front line of the robot business – Every household will own a robot that helps with cooking and cleaning." The cleaning demonstration was filmed at Suminoe Indoor Swimming Pool in Osaka.
   (Click here to watch the movie.)
A Yotsuyanagi-1 robot participated in the Under-Water Robot Festa, held at the Faculty of Maritime Science, Kobe University, on December 16, 2007. The event was broadcasted in a Yomiuri Telecasting (YTV) TV show, Miyane-ya, on December 20.
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The following websites show demonstrations of our robot from October 2007.
  Robomedia 2007(Click here for more information.)
  Robot watch(Click here for more information.)
With the assistance of the Osaka City Economic Affairs Bureau, we conducted a demonstration experiment of our fully automatic swimming pool cleaning robot (model: Yotsuyanagi-1) at the Osaka Municipal Konohana Indoor Swimming Pool (5-4-21, Nishikujo, Konohana Ward, Osaka) from September 26 to October 11, 2007.
We developed an innovative agitator that effectively prevents chironomid larvae infestation.
Our fully automatic motor-driven swimming pool cleaning robot, HyperRobo MRX-06, was put on the market.
New product
Full-automatic motor-driven swimming pool cleaner robot
HyperRobo MRX-06 (Patented)
Motor-driven cleaner that zigzags through the pool for many hours.
1. All you have to do is to put the robot in the swimming pool and switch it on, making it run along the short sides of the swimming pool in a zigzag motion.
2. It cleans the swimming pool automatically, zigzagging for more than 3 hours.
3. Unlike the random movement of other cleaners, the zigzagging of our robot does not kink or tangle the power cord and leaves very little rubbish behind.
All swimming pool cleaner robots other than ours run randomly, regardless of whether they are manufactured in Japan or abroad. One problem is kinked or tangled power cords, causing some manufacturers to limit users to a maximum of two continuous hours. Two hours, however, are not sufficient for completely cleaning a 25-meter swimming pool. To solve this problem, our cleaner zigzags. Other manufacturers fail to employ this solution because zigzagging technology is too challenging for them to master.

With our innovative technology backed by our years of experience, we created the MRX-06 motor-driven zigzagging cleaner in the autumn of 2006. The MRX-06 is quiet, and does not mess up litter. Our MRX-06 is the best swimming pool cleaner available on the market today. You will enjoy the results from using the MRX-06 cleaner.
Multi-N Touch-back System
Our proprietary return sensor enables more than 3 hours of fully automatic movement. See the diagram.
The robot starts running towards the other side of the swimming pool.
When the sensors on the front or back of the robot touch the side of the swimming pool, the robot changes direction and starts back, following the black N-shaped lines, until the robot touches the short side of the pool.
Then, the robot turns and follows the red N-shaped lines. The robot repeats these movements again and again, completely cleaning the swimming pool.
New product
Water agitator for the bottom of swimming pools
Scramble Mixer HM-01
(Patent pending)
Accumulated sludge and other dirt under the movable floors and platforms of swimming pools create a major problem for swimming pool staff. Chironomid larvae infestation can occur. Movable swimming pool floors cannot be cleaned frequently. As for under-water platforms in swimming pools, staff has to take the very heavy platforms out of the water daily to clean them. Some try to prevent the dirt by increasing the chlorine concentration at night, but is not successful. After being unable to solve the problem, they were skeptical about our agitator too. Our agitator rose to the challenge, significantly decreasing sludge, and swimming pool staff now thank us. We propose the following so you can efficiently make your swimming pools cleaner.

If you are planning to build a swimming pool with movable flooring, install several agitators
If you use under-water platforms, installing agitators will reduce your labor for removing them from the water daily.

Please contact us if you would like to try our agitator or hear a presentation. We are looking forward to hearing from you.