Yotsuyanagi Co., Ltd.


 Head Office
 2-24-10 Shikanjima,
 Konohana Ward,
 Osaka, 554-0014


 Tokyo Branch
 6-17-7 Minamioi,
 Shinagawa Ward,
 Tokyo, 143-0013


Manufacturing passenger step vehicles, fully automatic swimming pool cleaners, and more (Click here for additional information.)

Distributing fans, air compressors, mixers, motors, boilers, and pumps

 3.Design and Repair
Designing, developing, and repairing machinery and appliances

 4.Additional Equipment
Water treatment, transport, environmental protection, and air conditioning equipment

Spare and optional parts

Option A
Option AT
Option B
For Z-400
For NZ-400
For SP-83L and SP-64
This set of optional parts turns the Z-400 into a manually-operated cleaner.
Suction head
2 suction and exhaust hoses
   (10 m and 15 m)
Using Option AT, you can manually operate the Z-400 from the poolside.
Delta head
retractable rod (up to 4 m)
suction and exhaust hoses
   (10 m and 15 m)
Spare bag filter
Bag filters are consumable parts and require regular replacement.
Bag filter (30 µ) with fastener
94,500 yen (including tax)
126,000 yen (including tax)
26,250 yen (including tax)
Option C
Option D
Option F
For SP-83L
For Z-400 and SP-83L
For NZ77L, NZ77, and Z400
This Y-shape cord reel prevents the 38-meter long power cord of the SP-83 from kinking or tangling.

Y-shape cord reel
With this extension power cord, the Z-400 can be used for 50-meter swimming pools.

Extension power cord
   (3.5 mm2 x 30 m)
A set of 10 filters (consumable parts) that filter out foreign materials as small as 30 µ. When ordering Option F, please specify the model and dimensions (length and width).
42,000 yen (including tax)
63,000 yen (including tax)
15,750 yen (including tax)
Option H
Option K
Option Q
For SP-64
For SP-64
For SP-64
Use this extension hose if the standard exhaust hose is not long enough.

Extension exhaust hose (10 m)

Extension rod is also available (retractable from 2 to 4 m)
For rough floor and wall surfaces

Circular brush
This adapter turns the SP-64 into a fountain, when it is not used for cleaning.

Fountain adapter (for cactus-
   and flower- shape fountains)
15,750 yen (including tax)
26,250 yen (including tax)
31,500 yen (including tax)
Option T
Option W
For SP-83L
For SP-83L and GP-56
For cleaning swimming pools from the poolside.

Delta head
Retractable rod (from 2 to 4 m)
These optional parts enable two workers to use one cleaner at the same time.

Spare suction head
Suction hose (10 m)
63,000 yen (including tax))
63,000 yen (including tax)