Yotsuyanagi Co., Ltd.


 Head Office
 2-24-10 Shikanjima,
 Konohana Ward,
 Osaka, 554-0014


 Tokyo Branch
 6-17-7 Minamioi,
 Shinagawa Ward,
 Tokyo, 143-0013


Manufacturing passenger step vehicles, fully automatic swimming pool cleaners, and more (Click here for additional information.)

Distributing fans, air compressors, mixers, motors, boilers, and pumps

 3.Design and Repair
Designing, developing, and repairing machinery and appliances

 4.Additional Equipment
Water treatment, transport, environmental protection, and air conditioning equipment

 Corporate history
April 1966 Kiyoshi Yotsuyanagi founded Yotsuyanagi Trading Co., Ltd. in Osaka with 3,000,000 yen in capital. The company was a water treatment equipment distributor, selling pumps and construction machinery to the plant industry.
March 1968 Developed and started selling our proprietary design swimming pool cleaner.  
February 1971 Developed our second proprietary design product, a passenger step vehicle that helps passengers getting on and off ferries. Ferries were becoming popular as a main means of domestic transportation. Today, approximately forty Yotsuyanagi passenger step vehicles are used around Japan.  
December 1972 Developed our third proprietary design product, a fixed shipside ramp that helps load cars on ferries in Osaka South Port.  
April 1973 Developed our fourth proprietary design product, an automotive ramp capable of raising and lowering its height for loading ferries. They are still in use today at piers in Osaka South Port and Komatsushima Port.  
July 1976 General Construction License for installing machinery and appliances was granted by the Osaka Prefectural Governor.  
September 1978 Developed and started selling the Jetta Z-400 automatic swimming pool cleaner.  
March 1981 Developed and started selling the Switol SP-83 floating swimming pool cleaner.  
March 1985 Developed the Suipon SP-35 compact swimming pool cleaner, and started selling it for baths at hotel and golf facilities, small swimming pools at kindergartens, fish farm ponds, and other such purposes. This product cultivated new markets beyond full-size swimming pools.  
July 1985 Specified Construction License for installing machinery and appliances was granted by the Osaka Prefectural Governor.  
February 1987 General Construction License for electric work was granted by the Osaka Prefectural Governor.  
March 1989 Improved the Suipon SP-35 into a very compact swimming pool cleaner, the Switol Mini SP-64, and started selling it.  
May 1990 Shigeru Yotsuyanagi became president, and former president Kiyoshi Yotsuyanagi became the chairman of the board of directors.  
July 1990 The construction of the new five-story office building, which started in September 1989, was completed, and the business moved to the new building.  
January 1993 Started importing AquaVac fully automatic swimming pool cleaners from the U.S. They were sold after modifying them at our factory for the Japanese market.  
June 1993 Stopped selling the U.S made AquaVac swimming pool cleaners.  
January 1994 Changed the company name from Yotsuyanagi Trading Co., Ltd. to Yotsuyanagi Co., Ltd., focusing more on design, manufacture, and installment than sales.  
August 1994 A five-story annex was added, adjoining the existing office building. The annex is accessible from the elevator hall of the main building.  
June 1995 Developed and started selling the New Jetta NZ-77L, a fully automatic swimming pool cleaner that runs back and forth for many hours. Our thirty years of experience and technology since developing our first swimming pool cleaner in 1968 were put together into this new product.  
June 1996 Increased capital to 36,000,000 yen.  
December 1999 Chairman Kiyoshi Yotsuyanagi passed away.  
January 2000 Accumulated sales of swimming pool cleaners reached 10,000 units.  
April 2001 Celebrated 35th anniversary. Moved the Tokyo branch from Mitaka City, a Tokyo suburb, to central Tokyo.  
February 2004 Moved the Tokyo branch to Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.  
July 2004 Developed and started selling the Scramble Mixer.  
October 2004 Developed and started selling the Spotclean H-40 piston-type cleaner.  
December 2004 Developed and started selling the Switol Sokomade U-20, a reservoir bottom cleaner for shallow reservoirs.  
April 2005 Reduced the weight of the fully automatic swimming pool cleaner, the New Jetta NZ-77, and started selling a lighter product, the New Jetta NZ-77L. Also reduced the weight of the floating swimming pool cleaner, the Switol SP-83, and started selling a lighter product, the Switol SP-83L.  
July 2006 Developed and started selling the HyperRobo MRX-06, the innovative, micro computer-controlled, swimming pool cleaner robot.